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Success Matters, Doing is Not Good Enough

Swiss e-government is positive thinking in practice. All projects are successful. Permanent speed-up is taking place. And, last but not least, progress is pretty slow. Switzerland is lagging behind. The Digital Switzerland Strategy has a roadmap about doing things: which agency will do what for which time period. This roadmap materializes what is called input […]


E-voting: when transparency means more security

On 14 December 2016, the State of Geneva started a revolution by publishing the first elements of the source code of its native E-voting system “CHVote” on the GitHub Platform ( This groundbreaking step toward transparency and co-creation was the outcome of a long process launched seven years earlier, when the cantonal parliament allowed any […]


Interview mit Harold Thimbleby: «The quality of health IT has become very poor»

Healthcare has numerous problems, from its rising costs to the problems of error, which have recently been shown to be comparable to diseases like cancer. And increasing numbers of older people, obesity and diabetes and other problems are increasing the pressure. Everyone agrees that IT can lead improvement in healthcare, but will IT really make […]