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From technology to farm management – how smart is Swiss agriculture, part 1

Apps and digital business models have also long been used in agriculture. Although not everything is running smoothly, Switzerland is still in a promising position. In Part 1 of an interview, Societybyte author and digitalisation expert Reinhard Riedl talks to Michael Buser, Head of IT and Logistics at Fenaco, about why central IT departments are […]

How cities and authorities are becoming smarter – a podcast episode about transformation

Chatbots are already supporting some authorities. But overall, the Swiss are dissatisfied with the pace of digital transformation in the administration. Christian Geiger from BFH’s Public Sector Transformation Institute reveals what could speed up the process in the new podcast episode. Hackathons on the topic of smart cities or participatory democracy show that there is […]

With enthusiasm and pragmatism for digital change

On 1 September, Christian Geiger took up his professorship in Digital Government, Innovation and Transformation at Bern University of Applied Sciences. The long-standing Chief Digital Officer of the City of St. Gallen will be researching and teaching innovation in the public sector in future. In this interview, he talks about his experiences with organisational change […]

When ChatGPT helps with the exam – a podcast episode about AI in studies

Will students have their theses written by AI in the future? How are universities dealing with this? And how does technology help lecturers with their teaching content? These are just a few of the questions addressed by the guests in the latest episode Since the Corona Pandemic, university teaching has changed rapidly. Distance learning and […]