Entries by Anne-Careen Stoltze

“Failure without a happy ending is not publishable” – Podcast about the dark side of entrepreneurship

Successful entrepreneurs have visions, turn them into sensational business models and only sleep 4 hours. We know this glorified image, but hardly the darker side. BFH researchers Pascal Dey and Jan Keim are investigating them. In the current episode of the BFH Wirtschaft podcast “Let’s Talk Business”, the two talk about how failure is also […]

“We need to remove bias from language models” – a podcast episode about AI in administration and justice

Chat GPT is all the rage right now. The trained programme can actually chat about any topic and hold conversations that seem human. But ChatGPT also makes mistakes. In the latest episode of the podcast “Let’s Talk Business”, AI expert Mascha Kurpicz-Briki and data scientist Matthias Stürmer talk about how to avoid bias, why the […]

From Big Data education to regulations – the recommendations of the NRP 75 experts

Big Data has the potential for comprehensive social, industrial and scientific value creation. The National Research Programme “Big Data” (NRP 75) has investigated this. Our researcher Reinhard Riedl is one of the authors of the final report recently published by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). The use of Big Data can improve our everyday […]

“Sustainability must become a criterion for quality” – a podcast episode on sustainable procurement

While the Bernese police correctly procured its new fleet of electric cars, another canton fluffed because it focused on Tesla. In the 13th episode of the BFH Wirtschaft podcast, procurement law expert Rika Koch and Thomas Fischer, head of law at KAIO Bern, talk about how public procurement can become more sustainable and why you […]

Why eating spaghetti can earn you minus points

From environmental protection to customs clearance to taxes – the Chinese government also monitors companies. Researcher Omar Serrano from the Institute of Marketing and Global Management at BFH Wirtschaft investigates what foreign investors have to observe in the respective provinces. Together with management consultant Anna Kämpfer, he talks in the podcast about the jungle of […]