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“It’s neither fair nor economically wise” – a podcast episode about the situation of female founders in Switzerland

For every 10 men who start a business, there are only 6 women. In the 8th episode of our podcast, we talk about the reasons for this and how this situation can be improved with Susan Müller and Jan Keim, two researchers from the Institute Innovation & Strategic Entrepreneurship at BFH Wirtschaft. Click here for […]

How we can make cities more sustainable – a podcast episode about smart cities

Making cities greener, rethinking mobility, using energy cleverly and involving as many citizens as possible in democratic processes – smart cities encompass many aspects of urban space. In the 7th episode of our podcast with Flurina Wäspi, we talk about what sustainability and democracy have to do with this and how radical innovations are advancing […]

Why we should sometimes think in terms of Zero and One – a podcast episode about digital skills

Being able to teach artificial intelligence our chaotic thinking – that is a skill we will need in the future. Using technologies profitably and sustainably is also part of it. We talk about this with Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Obwegeser in the 6th episode of our podcast. Nikolaus Obwegeser heads the Institute Digital Technology Management. He […]

Why zebras are more sustainable than unicorns – a podcast episode about social entrepreneurship

Society needs the commitment of volunteers. Without them, for example, the Corona warning app would not have been launched so quickly at the beginning of the pandemic. And sometimes a non-profit solution even becomes a start-up company. Dr Kirsten Hillebrand talks about this in the 5th episode of the BFH Wirtschaft podcast “Lets Talk Business”. […]

How useful is the new Swiss Digital Trust Label?

The Swiss Digital Initiative Foundation wants to create more cyber security with the new digital label. The aim is to enable users to easily recognise trustworthy digital offerings. It was developed with special emphasis on the user perspective. But does it actually deliver what it promises? Thanks to the participatory and inclusive approach, a label […]