“We seek a relationship in every interaction – even with AI”

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AI is already present in many areas, even if this is not always obvious. Awareness of this is particularly important in sensitive contexts such as medical care. Elisa Konya Baumbach, lecturer in marketing and consumer psychology, is focussing intensively on this topic.

The spread of voice assistants such as Alexa and Siri is widespread and is taken for granted in many households. This form of AI is well accepted due to its comprehensibility. But what is the situation in areas where transparency is often lacking? Elisa Konya-Baumbach, our researcher, investigates and teaches about the psychology behind AI and the acceptance of digital innovations.

In one of her interdisciplinary projects, for example, she is analysing the use of AI in medical diagnostics. It is interesting to note that patients still prefer a human diagnosis despite the better data availability and accuracy of AI diagnoses. The reasons for this and possible approaches to change are explained in the latest episode.”

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Elisa Konya-Baumbach is a lecturer at the Institute of Marketing & Global Management . She conducts research on artificial intelligence, the psychology of AI, consumer psychology and digital innovation. These are some of her current research projects:

  1. Acceptance of AI-based systems in clinical decision support
  2. How the use of artificial intelligence influences price perception
  3. Paper on the humanisation of chatbots in service contexts

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AUTHOR: Anne-Careen Stoltze

Anne-Careen Stoltze is Editor in Chief of the science magazine SocietyByte and Host of the podcast "Let's Talk Business". She works in communications at BFH Business School, she is a journalist and geologist.

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