Bits and Trees 2022

Bits and Trees 2022

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How can society become digital, equitable and sustainable at the same time? This question will be addressed by the second major “Bits & Trees” conference from 30 September to 2 October 2022. BUND is organising three days of panels, workshops and cultural events at the Technische Universität Berlin. Digital civil society, development and ecological groups as well as trade unions will be taking part.

Whether video conferencing, online dating or social media protest movements – digitalisation is shaping the 21st century just as much as the climate, resource and inequality crises. Digital technologies can be an important building block for shaping our society socially and ecologically. To this end, BUND calls for a model of digital sufficiency as a political strategy: as much digitalisation as necessary and using technologies where they make sense – without compulsively digitalising well-functioning solutions. Always with the aim of contributing to a socio-ecological transformation of society while having as little negative impact on people and the environment as possible.

Together we will discuss these questions:

  • How do we envision a sustainable and equitable digital future?
  • Can digitalisation support the transformation into a post-growth society? Or does it help ever larger super corporations in their quest for more and more profits without regard for resources, people and nature?
  • What digital technologies do we want to develop and produce? And how can we ensure that all users benefit equally from the digital transformation and can participate democratically in decision-making?
  • If large technology companies concentrate on the markets in Europe, the USA and China, how can the resulting unequal distribution of digital resources be remedied and people be given free access to technologies regardless of where they live?
  • How do we dissolve filter bubbles that always reinforce the same opinions, and can we use digitalisation to critically examine our own convictions?
    How can public benefit companies use digitalisation for sustainability?
  • What is the concept of “Public Money – Public Code” and how can we implement it?

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Date And Time

01.10.2022 - 09:00 to
02.10.2023 - 17:00