How do digital technologies influence sustainability? How can the digital transformation promote sustainable development of the economy? What opportunities but also risks arise from the use of ICT in relation to the environment and sustainability? How can producers and consumers be moved towards more sustainability with data-based decision-making aids? To what extent do these trends influence corporate social responsibility?

These are the questions addressed in this focus area. The interdisciplinary research at the BFH focuses, among other things, on the circular economy and examines how its concepts can be integrated into corporate practice. Researchers at BFH are exploring the potential of digitalisation to meet ecological and social challenges and to drive forward the transformation to a sustainable economy. Digital technologies can support and accelerate this transformation in many areas.

All articles on Sustainability

How a WIFI-Hotspot kill your ecological footprint

Digitalization and Sustainability are major topics in our society. Often, I observe that the trends run in parallel to each other, almost isolated…

How chatbots promote sustainable behaviour in the workplace

, , ,
Chatbots are a promising technology to playfully promote climate-friendly behaviour of employees at the workplace. This is shown by a first field…

How digitalisation becomes a booster for renewable energy

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Digitalisation is one of the biggest drivers of the global transition to renewable energy. Internet of Things IoT, Artificial Intelligence AI,…

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