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About the use of spanners – Part II

Nobody is afraid of the growing loss of self-evident facts in our increasingly complex society. Hardly anyone is bothered by the fact that established design and engineering knowledge is being lost in practice – or more precisely, that the gap between the ever-improving state of knowledge and widespread practice is widening. But everyone is talking […]


On the (in)objective use of spanners

Many people are appalled that in the future many jobs will be done with spanners. Some find the use of spanners highly ridiculous. Some expect that spanner use will fundamentally change human thinking and feeling. Scientists even predict that eventually spanners will take over the whole universe. Spanners are a topic that clearly evokes high […]


Can computers make art?

Is AI as great as the glossy brochures promise? Or is it only the bosses of the computer programmers who want art, and the result is only art or meta-art? The question touches on the question of being human. It stirs up fears and hopes. Fears that the machines will take over. Hopes that perhaps […]


April issue: e-government does its homework

E-Government has set out to catch up on its homework. In this issue, you will learn, among other things, how chatbots can also be used in the administration in the future, how the tourism industry is being made fit for higher web semantics and how educational identity is being introduced in schools. It should also […]