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The unease of interdisciplinarity

There are people who get sick from psychotherapy. After psychotherapy has actually helped them, they look at everything and anything from a psychotherapeutic perspective and thus lose touch with reality. Heimito von Doderer described this phenomenon, but it is actually scientific folklore. That is, it is known to so many experts that no one can […]


The Future of the Digital “Public Service

The term “service public” or “digital services of general interest“, is used as a political, administrative law and social science concept. What it means is disputed, especially in political discourse. Commonly, it is understood to mean something like basic infrastructural services, although there is no consensus as to which parts of the public sector should […]


Digital neurosis: How our attention is attacked

While I was trying to write a post on artificial intelligence, I was briefly distracted by an article on anxiety disorders. What people with anxiety disorders do, for example, is they get anxious about something trivial, then have an elevated pulse, interpret this body perception as a symptom of a possibly life-threatening situation, call the […]