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Shadow IT and Accidental Servitization

In the labyrinth of modern business shadow IT and accidental servitization lurk like shape-shifting monsters, transforming helpful tools into complex services that can overwhelm unprepared teams. They have tentacles that entangle strategy and operations, they create huge risks and dangers, and they challenge the planned business models. This article will present some strategies to not […]


From technology to farm management – how smart is Swiss agriculture, part 1

Apps and digital business models have also long been used in agriculture. Although not everything is running smoothly, Switzerland is still in a promising position. In Part 1 of an interview, Societybyte author and digitalisation expert Reinhard Riedl talks to Michael Buser, Head of IT and Logistics at Fenaco, about why central IT departments are […]


Why start-ups benefit from experience and diversity – a podcast episode

Start-ups drive innovation. Start-up expert Martin Murmann from BFH Wirtschaft analyses why older founders often pursue more risk-taking ideas and why a diverse team can be crucial to success. In the latest episode, he offers a deep insight into the world of start-ups. It all usually starts with a groundbreaking idea, a high level of […]


A platform for the health of pigs

How healthy are Swiss pigs? The “Pig Health Info System” (PHIS) application has been providing information on this since 1 May. It enables data-supported monitoring at a national level and raises the health care of Swiss pigs to a new level. The PHIS app was developed by researchers at the Vetsuisse Faculty of the University […]


Open Source Business Potential: A Look at Odoo’s Open Core Model

Open source software (OSS) has long been a cornerstone of the IT industry. But how can money be made with freely available software? This article by our expert Matthias Stürmer from the Public Sector Transformation Institute sheds light on the business potential of open source and takes a look at the open core model that […]