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From blended care to virtual reality – the transformation of the healthcare system

The Digital Health innovation field at Bern University of Applied Sciences conducts research in the area of digitalisation and technologisation of healthcare with a focus on nursing. The aim is to generate perceptible added value for users in the collaboration between humans and machines. The technologisation and digitalisation of healthcare is omnipresent. Due to its […]


Will Digitalization aid the world’s quest to net-zero emissions?

The increasing global awareness of climate change and the irreversible damages caused has led the world to a code red. Wildfires, floods, heatwaves, earthquakes… all over the globe have been part of the awakening call, demanding humanity to change its consumption behaviours. The younger generation is the 1st one living the repercussions of a whole […]


How to detect and reduce bias in AI systems

Bias is a major cause of unfair and discriminatory decisions in the use of AI systems. For example, well-paid job offers were algorithmically placed almost exclusively with male users [1]. Using an awareness-raising framework to raise awareness among developers and users, the goal is to identify and reduce bias. The framework has been successfully validated […]


Why we accept automated products less out of nostalgia

Artificial intelligence again increases the workload of automated products. The resources freed up are valuable for consumers – at least in theory. Because they are often sceptical. Researchers at the Institute for Marketing & Global Management at BFH Wirtschaft, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main and Vanderbilt University (USA) are investigating why this is so and […]