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Extending the lifetime of mobile devices to reduce their environmental impact: a glimpse on the project LIFESAVING

Mobile Internet-enabled devices (MIEDs) such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets have become a crucial part of our lives. However, the environmental impact of MIEDs is significant and expected to increase markedly in the years to come due to the growing number of devices sold everyyear1. Their main impacts, be it on climate change or material […]


What can we learn from Covid19?

The public sector faces formidable challenges. These have become more prominent as a result of the Corona pandemic. Now we must also use the crisis as an opportunity, writes our author and project manager at www.civicchallenge.chChe Wagner and calls for a workshop for innovative solutions in administration. We humans have undoubtedly become witnesses to numerous […]


Sufficiency: the missing ingredient for sustainable digitalisation

Digitalisation is often depicted as a silver bullet to address sustainability issues, due to its potential to decarbonise the global economy and energy supply and to dematerialise production and consumption. Efficiency gains of digital technologies are unparalleled, digital services can be provided at low energy costs, and sustainable practices, such as sharing, are made easier […]


Sustainability in the digital space

Sustainability, already a multi-layered topic in itself, becomes a multi-dimensional consideration of IT against the backdrop of the digital space in addition to the common division into the sustainability dimensions of ecology, social and economy. Two of the three perspectives in particular are currently being discussed more broadly in business but also in research. Therefore, […]


Sufficiency – An approach towards a sustainable (digital) future

In environmental research, sufficiency is seen as a major pillar of sustainability. However, up to this day, sufficiency has been widely absent in the political and public conversations on environmental strategies. With digitization informing novel technologies and means to manage resources, there are also promising avenues for sufficiency measures being discussed and introduced. While there […]


Raise awareness of the environmental consequences of the use of connected screens

New media uses have a big impact on the consumption of energy resources. Two-thirds of the world’s electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels, which are very harmful to the biosphere. Watching video online is particularly energy intensive. In view of the stakes involved, the entire population should be made aware of the issue and […]