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How neurofeedback training can influence the perception of tinnitus

Neurofeedback training is an innovative technique that enables people to observe their own brain activity. A joint research project between Bern University of Applied Sciences, EPFL, the University of Zurich and the University of Fribourg is investigating the influence of design in the context of neurofeedback to support tinnitus sufferers in particular. Neurofeedback training is […]


How virtual reality supports performance skills

How effective is Virtual Reality Public Speaking Training (VRPST) compared to conventional preparation for oral presentations? Researchers from BFH and the University of Bern investigated this question in a study. A total of 42 participants were randomly divided into two groups to test the effectiveness of VRPST on the quality of presentations. They were also […]


Open Source Business Potential: A Look at Odoo’s Open Core Model

Open source software (OSS) has long been a cornerstone of the IT industry. But how can money be made with freely available software? This article by our expert Matthias Stürmer from the Public Sector Transformation Institute sheds light on the business potential of open source and takes a look at the open core model that […]


Two sides of the same coin: together, CSR and ESG concepts unfold their effectiveness

In public and in business, the demand is becoming louder and louder that companies must play an active role in sustainable development. And companies themselves are also increasingly concerned with their role in the current societal sustainability transformation. Bertelsmann’s “Sustainability Transformation Monitor” (2023) shows that sustainability has become more important for around 84 percent of […]


Digitalisation – beneficial development or social exclusion?

What opportunities and risks does digitalisation bring for people with mental illness and those affected by poverty? What is the role of social work in this process? Digitalisation and the accompanying social changes bring with them effects on many areas of everyday life. The advantages and disadvantages of this change have different effects at the […]


Sensor Technology in Health Care – Sensor Data and Algorithms (Part 2)

Older people often move unsteadily and can easily fall and injure themselves. To prevent this, sensors could record and analyse movement patterns and warn of risks. Researchers in the Digital Health innovation field at the Bern University of Applied Sciences are investigating this. Part 1 dealt with the opportunities and challenges of the technology; in […]