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How forward-looking data governance enables the reuse of data

“Open government data” is just the beginning. The end-to-end digitalisation of the public sector requires solid data governance with clear roles thataredesigned for the reuse of data Various federal, cantonal and municipal authorities are already publishing open government data (OGD). The media, companies and other interested parties can use the data freely, for example to […]


Bridging a gap between technical and non-technical: data ethics as a science communication

Data ethics is one of the most discussed topics around the world. Digital technologies are increasingly influencing our daily lives, and the scale of this impact will only grow. Why are ethical issues so important in the context of technological progress? Usually, the word ‘ethics’ refers to certain rules and norms of behavior, often restricting […]


More than a chatbot – how AI can be used responsibly in companies

ChatGPT, Midjourney & Co. have shown how much potential software with machine learning has. However, in order to shape this change responsibly, the risks of these technologies must also be taken into account. Our researcher Mascha Kurpicz-Briki analyses how AI can be used responsibly in companies. Nowadays, the term artificial intelligence usually refers to machine […]


Why Consumers Feel Creeped Out by Smart Devices

Smart home assistants are becoming increasingly popular. However, they are not only perceived by users as practical, but also as creepy. A study published in the International Journal of Information Management (Open Access) by researchers from BFH Wirtschaft has looked into such creepy encounters. They shed light on the triggers and consequences of what exactly […]


How does data become powerful? Definition of ethical data market

With the Posmo project, researchers at BFH are developing a trustworthy data space for mobility. Our Scientists are developing and automating a secure market for mobility data for the Posmo cooperative. The ethical governance model guarantees that the protection of privacy is prioritised over economic interests. In the first part, the team describes among other […]