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How to balance privacy and informativeness 

Privacy is a fundamental ethical requirement in data usage. Protecting privacy means safeguarding the rights and freedoms of data subjects. But how to segment data content, retain informativeness, and protect individuals’ personal space? Finding the optimal balance in this matter is the most serious challenge in the use of mobility data.  Privacy is simultaneously a […]


Shadow IT and Accidental Servitization

In the labyrinth of modern business shadow IT and accidental servitization lurk like shape-shifting monsters, transforming helpful tools into complex services that can overwhelm unprepared teams. They have tentacles that entangle strategy and operations, they create huge risks and dangers, and they challenge the planned business models. This article will present some strategies to not […]


Data ethics: balance between innovations and responsibility

POSMO, as an ethical data market, prioritizes the protection of rights and freedoms of its data producers. Accordingly, the ethical principles of the company dictate the implementation and use of innovative technological solutions. There are numerous theoretical publications, about the importance and effectiveness of this approach. However, experts note the difficulty in the practical realization […]


Federated Learning: The Future of AI Without Compromising Privacy

Federated Learning (FL) has become a paradigm-shifting technology in AI, allowing data scientists to work with private data. In comparison to the standard machine learning approach, where all the individual client data must be collected and moved to a centralized server, with the Federated Learning approach, model training can be done directly on the clients […]