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Digital Health in the Covid-19 crisis (3) – what should now be improved

During the lockdown, many countries had positive experiences with digital health (Atique et al., 2020). We should definitely continue the development that has been initiated. This means concretely: 1. Integration of telemedical services into conventional health care: Wherever the renunciation of physical face-to-face appointments only marginally reduces the quality of health care, but eliminates its […]


Business Transformation in the Covid 19 Crisis (2): How to Change

Companies can use the health crisis to optimise their business models. But they can also develop new business models that address newly emerging needs or benefit from the increased acceptance of online solutions Part 1 outlined why the economy will change significantly as a result of the health crisis. There is a high degree of […]


Corporate transformation in the Covid 19 crisis (1): What happens when you don’t change

The problem with digital transformation is transformation. The current health crisis brings this home to us in a frighteningly unmistakable way. Many organisations have quickly managed the short-term transformation of the essentials, but are making no progress in adapting their processes in the medium term. This creates the potential for disruptive innovations. In many areas, […]


Digital Sport in the Covid 19 Crisis (2): Transferring the Emotions to Digital

The sports industry has been hit hard by the health crisis. How it can find its way out of the crisis and continue to rely on the emotional relationship with fans is explained by BFH researcher Martin Rumo and Reinhard Riedl, head of the BFH Centre Digital Society. Already in 2008, it was more affected […]


Digital Sport in the Covid 19 Crisis (1) – Different Approaches to Crisis Management

Sport can only develop economic and social charisma if it brings people together and moves them emotionally. That’s exactly where Covid-19 hit sport. Digitalisation has only partially mitigated this, but it has sharpened the focus on the economic foundations of sport. Review – Digitisation and sport As part of PwC’s Sport Survey 2016 [1], a […]


Digital Health in the Covid 19 Crisis (2) – It’s up to us what we make of the crisis

Digital health is associated with many challenges that are not easy to overcome. We have to learn how to deal with them. A good example of the challenges of digital health are digital communication tools. Video conferencing shows us the small, subtle difference between verbal information exchange and non-verbal interaction. There is something missing. Another […]