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Law, Law and Artificial Intelligence – Summary of the Conference on Computer Science and Law

What changes does the new Swiss data protection law bring? When is cloud computing legally compliant? What should be considered when using AI and who may be liable to prosecution? The 16th Conference on Information Technology and Law answered these questions to the extent that answers are already available today The theme of the 16th […]

What artificial intelligence is already doing in healthcare today

AI could extend the healthy life years of many people. But technological progress does not make it into practical implementation. We are researching how to overcome the obstacles. Everyone is talking about generative artificial intelligence (ChatGPT & Co). Their achievements are impressive: ChatGPT can explain complex concepts accurately and understandably at the same time, including […]

How business design principles are contributing to the digitisation of healthcare

The digitisation of the healthcare system is strongly encouraged, but in practice it is often carried out in a careless and haphazard way. Successful transformation requires not only technical expertise in the healthcare sector, but also design expertise from the business world. The shortage of healthcare professionals has been shown to have a negative impact […]

Diversity and precise blurring

We know from pre-digital times: Transformation processes should be set up as programmes consisting of small, focused projects. The programme sets the strategic direction, which the projects implement tactically. The design of the transformation programme and the design of the implementation projects present very different challenges that require different approaches. When designing the programme, it […]