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“Digital Twin Society”-initiative works on Austrian digital health ecosystem

The two Praevenire Digital Health Workshops 2019 and 2020 as well as the Digital Health Symposium 2021 in Stift Seitensteten (A) have resulted in Praevenire’s “Digital Twin Society Initiative”. The first results will be discussed at the next Digital Health Symposium in May 2022. Digital twins are digital images of real world entities – be […]

How augmented intelligence benefits the health sector – Praevenire Digital Health Workshop, Part 2

The second part of the symposium at the Praevenire Health Days in Seitenstetten Abbey was about augmented intelligence as an essential element in the further development of the health professions and about the question of how the discussion about digital health can be objectified and how the understanding of the connections can be better communicated. […]

Why Vienna has become an Incubator for High-Tech-Start-Ups

Research often leads to solutions for practice. The University of Vienna is following a successful path to implement academic results in an entrepreneurial and lucrative way – an interview with Dr. Irene Fialka. Mrs. Fialka, you are the head of INiTS Universitäres Gründerservice Wien GmbH. How does the High-Tech Incubator work? Since 2002, we have […]

Bottom-up or transversal or different? – Three approaches to digital transformation

Again and again one hears that it is now finally time to dispose of digitalisation as a cross-sectoral, transversal issue. We have to develop digitisation concepts in each discipline, from the logic of the discipline. The time is over that we consider digitisation as a topic in and of itself. In other words, digitisation should […]