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How Basel-Stadt wants to prevent over-indebtedness with a tool from the BFH

Thanks to digitalisation, data from existing administrative registers can increasingly be used in a fruitful way to monitor social issues such as poverty or debt. The potential of algorithm-based pattern recognition is also increasingly becoming the focus of applied research. This can be used to make forecasts for the early detection of critical life situations. […]

How Open Data can work in the social sector

In the course of the digitalisation of social institutions, a tension is emerging between two issues that are gaining increasing attention: the publication of data and individual data protection. Making data accessible brings various benefits, but also risks. These trade-offs will be discussed at the two-day Hack4SocialGood which aims to support social organisations with concerns […]

Digital solutions for social work

In December 2020, Bern University of Applied Sciences hosted Hack4SocialGood, bringing together the social sector and tech sector. The event marks a promising start for inclusive digitalisation. The Corona crisis is largely paralysing public life, which is also dramatically accelerating the trend towards digitalisation. Work and social life is moving to the internet and relying […]