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Digital sport in the Covid 19 crisis (3) – Visionary action is needed now!

Financial support for clubs and safety concepts for spectators are necessary, but not sufficient to help sport through the crisis. It also needs more digitalisation – right now, here and now! The health crisis will be with us for a long time and will pose challenges for sport. Good security concepts and state financial aid […]

Digital Sport in the Covid 19 Crisis (2): Transferring the Emotions to Digital

The sports industry has been hit hard by the health crisis. How it can find its way out of the crisis and continue to rely on the emotional relationship with fans is explained by BFH researcher Martin Rumo and Reinhard Riedl, head of the BFH Centre Digital Society. Already in 2008, it was more affected […]

Digital Sport in the Covid 19 Crisis (1) – Different Approaches to Crisis Management

Sport can only develop economic and social charisma if it brings people together and moves them emotionally. That’s exactly where Covid-19 hit sport. Digitalisation has only partially mitigated this, but it has sharpened the focus on the economic foundations of sport. Review – Digitisation and sport As part of PwC’s Sport Survey 2016 [1], a […]