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Applied NLP Technologies for Physical and Mental Health

The Applied Machine Intelligence research group from BFH-TI has organized a track with the topic of natural language processing for physical and mental health at the Applied Machine Learning Days 2022 in Lausanne. This is one of the largest machine learning & AI event in Europe, focused specifically on the applications of machine learning and AI. […]


How artificial intelligence detects burnouts via linguistic data

Computers are fed words and phrases every day. Trained programs can recognise or even predict patterns in this data. Scientists from the Applied Machine Intelligence research group at the Department of Technology & Computer Science at BFH now want to find out whether this possibility can be used for health prevention. Specifically: Can methods of […]


AI4SocialGood – towards a better world with augmented intelligence?

What does AI4SocialGood mean and how can technology be used for societal and social benefit? Our author explores this question and presents some examples of such projects. Technology in itself is neither good nor bad, and can be used for different purposes. The discourse on the possible risks and consequences of using technology, especially artificial […]


When Mehmet and Peter are not the same – bias based on the origin of names in word vectors

Pre-trained language models such as word vectors can contain social stereotypes, which can lead to software making discriminatory decisions. Based on the results of the first study, researchers from IDAS at the Bern University of Applied Sciences have now investigated further stereotypes hidden in word vectors. The results were published in the journal Frontiers in […]