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Open Source Business Potential: A Look at Odoo’s Open Core Model

Open source software (OSS) has long been a cornerstone of the IT industry. But how can money be made with freely available software? This article by our expert Matthias Stürmer from the Public Sector Transformation Institute sheds light on the business potential of open source and takes a look at the open core model that […]

“Open by default” as law

EMBAG obliges the federal administration to publish all software under open source licences in future and to release government data as Open Government Data. The law thus leads to more openness and innovation and brings about a cultural change in the federal administration. Digital sustainability is also promoted through more “digital public goods”. The Federal […]

Why digital and sustainable transformation must happen simultaneously

Several 2022 reports from government and academic organisations contain the key message that sustainable development can be achieved using digital technologies. The report  ‹Digital Reset› (Digitalization for Sustainability, 2022) calls for using digital technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and resource waste in the agriculture, mobility, industry, and energy sectors. The researchers see digitalisation as […]