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How we can improve the framework conditions for female founders in Switzerland

In Switzerland, women are less likely to start an innovative company than men. Researchers at BFH Wirtschaft have investigated the reasons for this in their study. Among other things, entrepreneurial skills are not taught enough in the education system and female role models are often lacking. Social norms and gender-specific prejudices also hinder the founding […]

On the potentials and hurdles of the Swiss circular economy

Although Switzerland theoretically has all the possibilities for more sustainable and ecological production, this is not yet being implemented. The reasons for this were investigated by the Institute for Sustainable Business at BFH Wirtschaft together with EPB Schweiz AG on behalf of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN). The very large environmental potentials – […]

Parliaments in crisis mode (Part 3) – What do we learn from the Covid 19 crisis?

Parliaments are important institutions, especially in times of crisis, and the fulfilment of their functions is central to the control of the government and the legitimisation of legislation. It is now necessary to take the necessary steps at various levels to ensure needs-based solutions for a resilient council operation on the basis of the crisis […]

Parliaments in crisis mode (1) – variable experience with great learning potential

The Covid 19 crisis obviously caught parliaments unprepared, whether at the municipal, cantonal or federal level. Contingency plans were for the most part non-existent or not precisely geared to these purposes. With a few weeks’ distance, it is now possible for the first time to identify and analytically classify some patterns and problems in the […]