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From blended care to virtual reality – the transformation of the healthcare system

The Digital Health innovation field at Bern University of Applied Sciences conducts research in the area of digitalisation and technologisation of healthcare with a focus on nursing. The aim is to generate perceptible added value for users in the collaboration between humans and machines. The technologisation and digitalisation of healthcare is omnipresent. Due to its […]

Digital competence = digital + analogue – a definition example of Spitex

Digital tools such as apps on smartphones/tablets for care documentation or to remind patients to take their medication, as well as wearables for collecting and analysing health data, are just a few examples that show that digitalisation in healthcare is advancing inexorably (eHealth Suisse, 2018; Zentrum für Qualität in der Pflege [ZQP], 2019). Everyone is […]

Digital Health in the Covid-19 crisis (3) – what should now be improved

During the lockdown, many countries had positive experiences with digital health (Atique et al., 2020). We should definitely continue the development that has been initiated. This means concretely: 1. Integration of telemedical services into conventional health care: Wherever the renunciation of physical face-to-face appointments only marginally reduces the quality of health care, but eliminates its […]

Can digital technology help manage acute psychiatric crises?

Use of technology for crisis management in acute psychiatric care – fewer coercive measures and faster recovery. What sounds theoretically tempting and promising is not unproblematic in the context of the psychiatric setting and is associated with different and new requirements. Innovative technologies are finding their way in the Psychiatry. They have potentialbut are also […]