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Sensor Technology in Health Care – Sensor Data and Algorithms (Part 2)

Older people often move unsteadily and can easily fall and injure themselves. To prevent this, sensors could record and analyse movement patterns and warn of risks. Researchers in the Digital Health innovation field at the Bern University of Applied Sciences are investigating this. Part 1 dealt with the opportunities and challenges of the technology; in […]

Sensor technology in healthcare – opportunities and challenges (Part 1)

How can digital technologies be used in health care and prevention? Can technology relieve the burden on nursing staff? And what does it take for the technology to be accepted by patients and staff? Researchers at BFH Health are investigating these questions in an Innosuisse project. In a series of articles, they provide an insight […]

How business design principles are contributing to the digitisation of healthcare

The digitisation of the healthcare system is strongly encouraged, but in practice it is often carried out in a careless and haphazard way. Successful transformation requires not only technical expertise in the healthcare sector, but also design expertise from the business world. The shortage of healthcare professionals has been shown to have a negative impact […]

From blended care to virtual reality – the transformation of the healthcare system

The Digital Health innovation field at Bern University of Applied Sciences conducts research in the area of digitalisation and technologisation of healthcare with a focus on nursing. The aim is to generate perceptible added value for users in the collaboration between humans and machines. The technologisation and digitalisation of healthcare is omnipresent. Due to its […]