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Confederation and cantons accelerate digital transformation

The “Digital Administration Switzerland” is intended to give e-government a boost. How the new organisation and the eCH association could more actively steer and implement standardisation was explored at an evening event in Bern. People who change their place of residence, want to build or pay taxes are increasingly contacting the administration online. Such matters […]

What barriers there are for blind people on the net

For blind people, the internet is often difficult to access. They are dependent on barrier-free websites or on appropriate software. Daniele Corciulo tells us in an interview what obstacles they still encounter in the online world. The 35-year-old accessibility consultant has been blind since birth and pleads for stricter laws and better training. Mr Corciulo, […]

New standard makes it easier to avoid barriers on the internet

Digitisation could help people with a disability gain more autonomy. However, many e-services are not yet barrier-free. In order to change this, incentives, sensitisation, standards and improvements in training are needed, was the consensus at the national online conference on e-accessibility. For many people, shopping, banking and dealing with authorities via the internet is part […]