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How to detect and reduce bias in AI systems

Bias is a major cause of unfair and discriminatory decisions in the use of AI systems. For example, well-paid job offers were algorithmically placed almost exclusively with male users [1]. Using an awareness-raising framework to raise awareness among developers and users, the goal is to identify and reduce bias. The framework has been successfully validated […]

Algorithms also discriminate – as their programmers tell them to do

Companies are increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI) to make decisions or to make decisions based on their suggestions. These suggestions can also be discriminatory. To prevent this, we need not only to understand program codes on a technical level, but also to incorporate human thinking and decision-making processes to detect and reduce systematic deception. CO […]

Open Government Data for accessible applications using the example of an app for the blind

Public authorities make data available for secondary use as public sector information, (accessible) apps can use these and thus create added value. This paper focuses on requirements for the usability of a blind app for orientation in cities as well as requirements for the data. In addition to the widely used Points of Information, Points […]