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Exploring democracy 2.0 with experiments

From fuzzy voting to liquid feedback – how much change does democracy need? The project “Democracy Lab Basel” by BFH Wirtschaft and Smart Regio Basel investigates the challenges of political participation and how democratic structures and processes in Switzerland can be modernised. The researchers have some suggestions – an insight into the newly launched project. […]

Parliaments in crisis mode (Part 3) – What do we learn from the Covid 19 crisis?

Parliaments are important institutions, especially in times of crisis, and the fulfilment of their functions is central to the control of the government and the legitimisation of legislation. It is now necessary to take the necessary steps at various levels to ensure needs-based solutions for a resilient council operation on the basis of the crisis […]

Parliaments in crisis mode (1) – variable experience with great learning potential

The Covid 19 crisis obviously caught parliaments unprepared, whether at the municipal, cantonal or federal level. Contingency plans were for the most part non-existent or not precisely geared to these purposes. With a few weeks’ distance, it is now possible for the first time to identify and analytically classify some patterns and problems in the […]

Digitisation Monitor 2019 – How policy-makers position themselves on digitisation

Digitalisation is a major challenge for politics: Citizens, but also the economy and science expect forward-looking decisions in this regard. Against this background, the Institute Public Sector Transformation (IPST) of the Bern University of Applied Sciences, together with the Universities of Zurich and Geneva, the online election aid “smartvote” and the ICT and online industry […]

The Digitisation Monitor 2019

In the run-up to the federal elections on 20 October 2019, the BFH is launching the “Digitisation Monitor 2019” in cooperation with the Universities of Zurich and Geneva, the online election aid smartvoteand the ICT and online industry association Swico. This is intended to help put the important future topic of digitalisation on the election […]