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Approach ChatGPT like an Online Community and You are Good to Go

When reading across mainstream media and scientific magazines, it’s hard not to buy into a collective frenzy that says that generative AI systems like ChatGPT are bringing about a “paradigm change” in the way we work with information in general and search in particular. Some scientists go as far as to compare the looming widespread […]

Allocating Vaccination Appointments: Why we should (and could) do better than digital Hunger Games

It is often said that the measure of society is how it treats its weakest members. We know that “first come first serve” or “Es hät solang es hät” isn’t geared towards achieving equity plus more equitable approaches are readily available and they would not break the bank. Why do we keep seeing allocation approaches […]

Unleashing Usability Superpowers to Make the World a Better Place

ICT systems that suffer from minor, and sometimes major, usability problems are an all-too-common experience. This is hard to understand given that there is a readily available body of knowledge that provides solid, field-tested advice on how to design and develop usable and useful interactive digital systems in domains ranging from leisure to business to […]