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How companies handle electronic business processes securely

The expansion of the Swissdec information platform places new security requirements on the identification and authentication of participating companies. The Swissdec Enterprise Authentication (SUA) comprises the processes for registration, configuration as well as renewal and revocation, which allow a company to obtain a Swissdec Enterprise Certificate and thus make the data exchange secure and binding. […]

May-June issue: How companies and authorities exchange data securely

Most businesses today are digitally managed. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are used to control entrepreneurial and operational processes. Optimally, many business processes can be automated. However, a prerequisite for this is also a data exchange with other companies as well as insurance companies and authorities without media discontinuity. Ideally, this task can be taken […]

Useful and secure digital identities for all areas of life and their properties

Digital identities are with us every day. The technical possibilities are very diverse. How can digital identities enable secure identification for eGovernment and eHealth on the one hand and guarantee privacy protection on the other? Digital identities enable access to the digital society. They represent persons, organisations and objects in the digital world and are […]