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How to balance privacy and informativeness 

Privacy is a fundamental ethical requirement in data usage. Protecting privacy means safeguarding the rights and freedoms of data subjects. But how to segment data content, retain informativeness, and protect individuals’ personal space? Finding the optimal balance in this matter is the most serious challenge in the use of mobility data.  Privacy is simultaneously a […]

Data ethics: balance between innovations and responsibility

POSMO, as an ethical data market, prioritizes the protection of rights and freedoms of its data producers. Accordingly, the ethical principles of the company dictate the implementation and use of innovative technological solutions. There are numerous theoretical publications, about the importance and effectiveness of this approach. However, experts note the difficulty in the practical realization […]

Bridging a gap between technical and non-technical: data ethics as a science communication

Data ethics is one of the most discussed topics around the world. Digital technologies are increasingly influencing our daily lives, and the scale of this impact will only grow. Why are ethical issues so important in the context of technological progress? Usually, the word ‘ethics’ refers to certain rules and norms of behavior, often restricting […]

How does data become powerful? Definition of ethical data market

With the Posmo project, researchers at BFH are developing a trustworthy data space for mobility. Our Scientists are developing and automating a secure market for mobility data for the Posmo cooperative. The ethical governance model guarantees that the protection of privacy is prioritised over economic interests. In the first part, the team describes among other […]

A “data bridge” for business relationships

Business processes between two and more companies, so-called business-to-business (B2B) relationships, are mostly handled electronically today. Portals are used for many of these B2B business processes. The service provider (supplier) offers its services and products on the portal. In order to use the services offered in a B2B context, the partner companies often have to […]

What solutions exist for the transfer of identity information

Business processes between two and more companies, so-called Business-To-Business (B2B) relationships, are mostly handled electronically today. But if you look closely, you will still find many manual steps that often generate high indirect costs. The cause is usually a lack of information about employees of one company, which is needed to efficiently manage the business […]