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Will “Verifiable Credentials” replace X.509 certificates in the future?

X.509 certificates have been around for over 40 years. They are used for the identification of subjects (web servers, persons, etc.). They are considered trusted and proven credentials and we rely on them every day. So why introduce Verifiable Credentials (VC), a new technology unknown to the general public? In order to be able to […]

6 reasons against a central state identity provider

The Federal Department of Justice and Police (FDJP) presents three different technical scenarios in its “E-ID target picture” . One of them is an “E-ID solution by means of a central state identity provider”. We show from a technical point of view why a central “E-ID” login cannot advance digitisation in Switzerland. The survey of […]

Centralised or decentralised identity?

In recent years, the term “decentralised identity” has appeared more and more frequently in discussions about electronic identities. This is also the case in the currently published “Target Image E-ID”, which is intended to publicly discuss the vision for a state electronic identity in Switzerland. What is hidden behind the term? What are the advantages […]

Self-Sovereign-Identity – from vision to today

A few years have passed since Christopher Allen’s vision of Self-Sovereign Identities. What has remained of the original vision of “SSI” and in which direction is the current development going? E-ID specialist Prof. Dr. Annett Laube starts our series on the E-ID in parallel with the public consultation. In 2017, Christopher Allen published his vision […]

Public Security Test of the Covid Certificate: BFH assists with security

The first Covid certificates have been issued in the cantons since 7 June 2021. At the end of June, the system is to be introduced throughout Switzerland and will have a very high level of security. The IAM research group of the Institute for Data Applications and Security (IDAS) of the Bern University of Applied […]