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How wage and accident data is protected

The Swissdec data exchange platform (distributor) transmits wage and accident information to many Swiss companies. The protection of this data is essential. Therefore, in addition to double encryption, Swissdec will in future rely on authentication of the companies in order to also guarantee the binding nature of the processes. Data protection and security are essential […]

How insurance companies and authorities communicate securely

The Swissdec architecture sketches show how corporate processes communicate with insurers and authorities today. An attempt is made to explain some essential concepts of this architecture and to outline future developments. The central data exchange platform of Swissdec Distributor is used to optimise and automate processes between about 200,000 companies and their insurers & authorities […]

Swissdec history or “From the cradle to the grave, nothing but forms, forms!”

Digitisation in the exchange of information in the public authority environment should above all save time and money. But it is not just about converting paper forms into PDFs. Process integration without media discontinuity is crucial. Already at the beginning of the noughties, the first discussions were held on the problems in the exchange of […]