Making the world more sustainable with second-hand clothes

Solving social problems that would otherwise fall through the cracks? More and more start-ups see this as an opportunity to implement their sustainable or social mission economically. This is also the case with our Bachelor student and founder Sandro Hertig. Together with our researcher Nadine Gurtner, he talks about social entrepreneurship.

Some social needs are not automatically met by the market. For example, when established companies have not yet seen a benefit or there is no political support for the cause. “Social entrepreneurship aims to fill this gap,” says Nadine Gurtner. She is a lecturer at the Institute for Innovation and Strategic Entrepreneurship and specialises in low-end innovation and social entrepreneurship.

In the latest podcast episode, she talks with Sandro Hertig about the social challenges fast fashion brings with it and what contribution social enterprises can make to sustainability. Sandro Hertig is studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics at BFH and founded the online shop Hand2Hand for used sportswear together with colleagues. In the podcast, he reports on the high quality of the clothing and what the biggest challenges are for his start-up.

Listen in now:

This podcast is produced with the kind support of: Audioflair Bern and Podcastschmiede Winterthur.

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AUTHOR: Anne-Careen Stoltze

Anne-Careen Stoltze is Editor in Chief of the science magazine SocietyByte and Host of the podcast "Let's Talk Business". She works in communications at BFH Business School, she is a journalist and geologist.

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