Algorithms and Natural Language Processing in the Public Sector – A Review of the Transform Conference 2023

The theme of TRANSFORM 2023, which took place on 3 May 2023 in Bern City Hall, was “artificial intelligence in the public sector”. Machine learning, chatbots, natural language processing and other methods based on artificial intelligence offer many opportunities, but also certain risks for public authorities.

Where are we today with the application of AI? What concrete experiences does the administration have with AI? Where is there still unused potential, where possible dangers? These and many other questions and practical examples were discussed with the speakers from business, science, administration, politics and civil society as well as the audience.

A review in videos:

Further information on Transform 2023

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AUTHOR: Jonas Bärtschi

Jonas Bärtschi is a research associate at the Institute Public Sector Transformation. He is the managing director of the Swiss Data Alliance.

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