Call for Paper: Critical contributions for the Swiss E-ID

The electorate rejected the E-ID bill with private providers in March. Nevertheless, it was and is clear that the Swiss E-ID is needed. It should be state-run and offer more privacy for citizens, these are some of the public demands. In September, the public hearings on the rough concept of the state-run Swiss E-ID will begin. To accompany this, we are looking for critical and diverse expert contributions on all aspects of the E-ID. We are looking for analyses as well as technical contributions. For example, articles on these topics are interesting:

  • Analyses of eID requirements for key application areas, such as healthcare and education
  • Critical reflections on the rough concept and the variants presented (without ethical, moral or political judgements)
  • Critical analyses of existing e-ID solutions (with regard to data economy, cyber security, comprehensibility and usability for users, etc.)
  • Contributions on Self-Sovereign Identities (SSI), especially on SSI principles and current SSI standards, implementations and obstacles
  • Contributions on trustworthy anonymous e-IDs and their practical applicability for solving societal challenges
  • Analyses of the proposed adaptations of the eIDAS regulations and their impact on Switzerland
  • Technical contributions that help to better understand and classify the underlying technologies

Please send your contributions by 15 September to: The final version of your contribution should be between 3,500 – 7,500 characters. Please submit it together with a very short biography (3-4 sentences) and a portrait photo of the authors. We accept submissions in English, French or German.

Creative Commons Licence

AUTHOR: Annett Laube

Annett Laube is a lecturer in computer science at BFH Technik & Informatik and heads the Institute for Data Applications and Security (IDAS). She has technical responsibility for the science magazine SocietyByte, in particular for the focus on Digital Identity, Privacy & Cybersecurity.

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