Call for Contributions: To e-ID or not to e-ID?

On 7 March, there will be a referendum in Switzerland on the “E-ID Law“, against which a referendum has been filed (see also “NO to the E-ID Law“). We are looking for expert contributions on the topic of electronic identity for the February issue. Among others, contributions with the following content are of interest:

  • Objectively sound regulatory impact assessment
  • Critical reflection of the basic papers on the topic without ethical, moral or political evaluations
  • Analyses of eID challenges for important application areas, such as healthcare and education
  • Case studies and country comparisons on national eIDs, preferably with cross-references to the Swiss initial situation
  • Studies on cross-border applications based on eIDAs, preferably with assessment of relevance for Switzerland
  • Studies on the use of anonymous eIDs – especially studies related to information processing in the Covid-19 health crisis
  • Overview contributions that compare existing eID solutions with each other
  • Technical papers that help to better understand and classify the underlying technologies

Contributions that are to appear before the vote must be submitted by 31 January. Contributions submitted later will be accepted for later publication if they are relevant, because the topic will continue to occupy us regardless of the outcome of the referendum. Please send your contributions to:

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