Call for Paper: Digital Health – moribund or healthy?!

The April 2020 issue on the topic of healthcare and eHealth will focus on the topic of digital health – moribund or healthy?! We invite you to submit an abstract on the following topics:

  1. Telemedicine, mobile applications, robotics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and genomics – everyone healthy and no one moribund?
  2. Digital health – what cannot be delegated to machines?
  3. Human understanding and empathy – also needed in the age of digital health?
  4. Algorithms – how powerful are they in terms of health?
  5. Digital health – what role will health professionals play in the future?

Abstracts can be sent to by Tuesday, 10 March 2020. If the abstract is accepted, you will write an article for the online magazine of 3500 – 7500 characters, plus a short author description 3-4 sentences and a portrait picture.

Creative Commons Licence

AUTHOR: Friederike J. S. Thilo

Prof. Dr Friederike Thilo is Head of Innovation Field "Digital Health", aF&E Nursing, BFH Health. Her research focuses are: Design collaboration human and machine; technology acceptance; need-driven development, testing and evaluation technologies in the context of health/disease; data-based care (artificial intelligence).

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