Digitaltag 2019: BFH Wirtschaft is there with Smartvote and a data experiment

The third edition of the nationwide Digitaltag is also taking place in the federal city for the first time – and the Bern University of Applied Sciences of Economics is taking part. In their new “Digital Lab”, visitors will experience a virtual data evaluation using the music industry as an example. In addition, the creators of the voting aid Smartvotewill give an insight into political matching. The City of Bern is working together with the Digital Impact Network and is supporting the event at the Berner Generationenhaus. Using the music streaming service Spotify as an example, BFH Wirtschaft will show how information about a music track can be obtained via a connection to an application programming interface (API). In addition to objective information attributes such as tempo, key, length, etc., subjective categories such as danceability or acoustics can also be requested. For example, visitors can have their favourite song analysed and visualised on the spot. But what does this have to do with business management? Data collections like publicly accessible online services contain information that allows to analyse the pricing strategies of competitors or product ratings. Using a commercial provider of music, it can be shown in a short time to an interested audience that the methods of Business Intelligence (BI) are becoming increasingly important for business success in the digital transformation. And company data is relevant for the further development of the business model. In the afternoon, the makers of the election aid Smartvote will give an insight into how political matching works. The scientific partner of Smartvote is the Institute Public Sector Transformation of BFH Wirtschaft, which provides the methodological background knowledge in the election process for the upcoming 2019 elections.

The programme

09:00 – 19:00 BFH Wirtschaft From the “Digital Lab” to the Master’s programme Digital Business Administration (in planning) 13.30:00 – 17:00 BFH Wirtschaft “Digital Democracy” with smartvote

BFH Economy goes digital

BFH Wirtschaft is celebrating its 50th anniversary and its strategic realignment this year. Digital transformation is at the heart of the ongoing strategy implementation – numerous reform projects are already underway. The laboratory for the digital economy (Digital Lab) will be available to students, employees and external parties from the new semester as a space for thinking and experimenting, where Business Intelligence (BI) will also be taught. BI will also play a major role in the planned new Master’s programme “Digital Business Administration”.

Creative Commons Licence

AUTHOR: Thomas Gees

Dr Thomas Gees is a lecturer at the Institute Public Sector Transformation at BFH Wirtschaft. The historian heads the specialist group "Public Sector Innovation", which supports the public sector in strategic issues of digitalisation and organisational change as well as digital skills.

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