Insurance companies rely on M2M communication

Suva has been using the Swiss wage standard (ELM) for many years to process wage declarations from companies. Now, in addition to the Swiss wage standard (ELM), the Swiss benefit standard (KLE) is to be introduced in order to be able to process claims digitally and without media discontinuity Digitalisation plays an essential role for the future development of the insurance business as well as for the companies insured with Suva. Suva is therefore increasingly relying on solutions that support M2M (machine-to-machine) communications. As a member of the Swissdec association, Suva has been relying on the successfully implemented Swiss wage standard (ELM) in the area of wage declarations for many years. This enables Suva-insured companies to transmit their annual wage declarations directly from Swissdec-certified payroll accounting systems to Suva and other institutions (AHV, tax offices, other insurers and FSO) without media discontinuity. For some years now, Swissdec has been working on a second standard together with Suva and other insurers. This is the Swiss benefit standard (KLE). In future, this will enable the complete processing of claims management and daily allowance processes from Swissdec-certified payroll accounting with Suva and other insurers who are ready to receive data. A major difference between the Swiss payroll and benefit standard is the bidirectional data communication and the binding nature of the process. For the settlement of accidents, the data exchange must take place via a secure and protected channel. In addition, it must be ensured that the recipient of the data is really the company it claims to be. For this reason, a solution such as Swissdec Enterprise Authentication (SUA) is mandatory when the Performance Standard-CH is used in practice. SUA not only fulfils the requirements for security and data protection, but also enables companies to obtain a so-called company certificate quickly and easily.

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AUTHOR: Philippe Raemy

Philippe Raemy heads the Performance Standard CH (KLE) department of the Swissdec association.

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