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With the wage reporting procedure (ELM), the Swissdec association has created a Switzerland-wide standard that enables companies to report wage notifications directly from their payroll accounting to insurers and authorities. The Swiss performance standard for the complete handling of the claims management and daily allowance process has now been specified. The Swissdec association is the topic leader in eGoverment Switzerland for the exchange of financial data between companies, insurers and authorities. With the uniform wage reporting procedure (ELM), also known as Lohnstandard-CH, the Swissdec association, together with its members (eAHV/IV, SVV, SSK and BFS), has succeeded in developing a nationwide standard in the area of wage declarations. Companies can transmit wage declarations directly from their Swissdec-certified payroll accounting systems to the respective insurance companies and authorities without media discontinuity using M2M communication. Filling out paper or web forms is no longer necessary, nor is the export and import of data. The data exchange takes place via M2M communications.

Since 1 September 2018, the guidelines for another standard have been available. This is the Swiss performance standard, which enables insurance companies and businesses to completely handle the claims management and daily allowance process using M2M communication. In future, accident reports can be created and transmitted directly from the Swissdec-certified payroll accounting systems of the companies. In addition to the daily sickness benefit settlements, communication between the companies and insurance companies can also be handled via M2M.

Due to the bidirectional communication and the sensitive data, a so-called self-disclosure procedure is not sufficient to ensure who the data sender is. The increased security requirements therefore prompted the association Swissdec to develop the Swissdec Enterprise Authentication (SUA). The customers of the insurance companies are companies (legal entities) and not natural persons. However, the use of certificates for natural or legal persons would have been far too costly – due to the complicated registration process. Today’s solutions require quick and simple processes, otherwise there will be no adaptation in the market. With SUA, not only the security requirements of the insurance companies can be fulfilled, but also a simple ordering and identification process is available for the companies, which makes it possible to obtain an electronic certificate for companies (UID certificate).

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AUTHOR: Michael Markworth

Michael Markworth is a Swissdec consultant for Suva.

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