Liveblog from eGov Focus 1/19: Open digital city culture

Cities are becoming digital. It is foreseeable that this development will permanently change cities. Open data, the internet of things, augmented reality, transparency and citizen participation are just a few aspects of the digital city that play an important role here. What does this mean for the way we live, how we move, how we work and how we organise our leisure time? This eGov focus shows how cities can positively shape this future, and how they can use new technologies to better utilise the potential that already exists within them, their residents, and the companies located there. The aim is to increase the quality of life for the people in the city, to increase the social, economic and cultural attractiveness of the location, and to improve resilience in relation to current and future challenges. International cooperation and exchange of experience regarding “good practices” are an important factor for successful implementation, and this event is accordingly colourful. We will blog live from the conference.

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AUTHOR: Anne-Careen Stoltze

Anne-Careen Stoltze is Editor in Chief of the science magazine SocietyByte and Host of the podcast "Let's Talk Business". She works in communications at BFH Business School, she is a journalist and geologist.

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