Call for Papers: «Missing Links»

In April 2019, the board of the association has decided to create a Swiss Linked Data Working Group that is intended to reinforce and broaden existing mobilization and coordination efforts that have so far taken place in the context of the annual Linked Data Switzerland Workshop and the eCH Specialized Group “Open Government Data”.

Linked data is the state-of-the art approach when it comes to linking datasets from various institutions. It facilitates cooperation across organizations and sectors. However, to fully exploit its potential, we need exactly this: cooperation across organizations and sectors even in areas where it has barely taken place in the past. Besides aligning data models and providing the technical infrastructure, coordination is needed in various areas to help organizations acquire the necessary capacities and to foster the required skills among their workforce.

In the June 2019 issue of SocietyByte, we would like to point our finger to the areas and aspects that require increased coordination and a shared effort to bring the potential of linked data to fruition. In order to facilitate the discussion on how best to bridge the existing gaps, we are soliciting contributions that identify these “missing links” in the world of semantic web technologies. Aspects covered may include, but are not limited to:

  • Examples that showcase the potential of increased cooperation across organizational and sectoral boundaries, along with reflections on challenges and opportunities for broader application.
  • Current efforts to harmonize data models throughout entire sectors and/or between organizations from various sectors.
  • Needs for harmonization and standardization in the area of applied semantic web technologies.
  • Reflections on the organizational capacities and/or staff skills required to successfully implement linked data projects.
  • Curricula development in areas related to data science and/or linked data.
  • Technological challenges in the area of semantic technologies.

Please submit your abstract by 10 May 2019 to:

The final version of your contribution will be due by the end of May and should have a volume of  3500 – 7500 characters. Please submit it along with a very short bio (3-4 sentences) and a portrait image of the author(s). We accept contributions in English, French, or German.

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